Decentralized Energy Prosumer

Algae OIL

Decentralized Energy Prosumer

Algae OIL

Decentralized Energy Prosumer

Algae OIL

Token Distribution

Vision of OILage Token

President Obama Endorses Algae

President Barack Obama promotes fuel from algae as a way to reduce reliance on foreign oil by 17%.

Token Metrics

Token Distribution

OIL(OILage token) represents the investor’s business contribution and provides a corresponding reward.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 10,000,000
  • Maximum Token Amount For Sale
  • Marketing & Partner Support
  • Team
  • Community Rewards
  • Development & Operation
  • Reserve
Token Distribution
Token Features

Built For Transparent business profit

Token Economy

OILage is introducing a dual token system for convenient and fair exchange of renewable energy between bioenergy companies (prosumers) and users (hosts).

Dual token system

OILage token (OIL) representing platform maintenance and value, and the other is the POWer Token (POW), which is a token for host/prosumer transactions that represent the value of traded power.

Operated by smart contract

The publication of the POW is automatically adjusted and operated by smart contacts according to OILage’s quarterly performance.

OIL token

OIL represents the investor’s business contribution and provides a corresponding reward. After the project is launched, a certain amount of business return is paid in POWER every quarter, commensurate to the OIL held through snapshots.

POW token

POW token can be exchanged for legal money through sale on the exchange and can only be used as a reward token. It will also be used only for services that have secured the equivalent value of legal money while conducting the OILage projects.

Token Features
Token Architecture

How it Works

Token Practical use

OILage is a global, decentralized Prosumer Energy system and focused on the transparent business profit.


Token can be exchange at fixed prices with legal currency on the affiliated exchange.


Token can be exchanged with carbon credits.


Token can be exchanged with the Micro algae as an energy source.


Token can create a service charge by exchanging it with Drum for oil


Token can be exchanged directly with micro algae main oil.


Token can invest in the OILage business by a special condition.

Token Architecture
The Founders

The Team & Advisor

We Work For Your Lambo

OILage has assembled a world class engineering, strategic
and team with over 30 years of collective experience.


Woody Lee

Member of ASCPA, ABSA.
Managing Director, Aussie Green Bio Energy.
Accounting & Marketing manager, Conrad Science Tec (USA).
Solar products marketing manager, Emcore Coroporation (USA).
MBA in Finance, Wollongong University in Australia.
Ph.d in Finance, Wollongong University in Australia.


Hyun Ho Jeong

Auditor, Small and medium Business Corporation.
Investment manager, Hanmi Capital Inc.
Investment manager, Nexus Investment Inc.
Ph.D in industrial engineering, Konkuk University.


Young Jun Kim

CEO, Korea Urban Economic Development.
Technical adviser, Ministry of Environment.
Adviser, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.
Professor, Dept. of Biology and Environment, The Catholic University of Korea.
Stanford University, School of Medicine, Postdoc.


Park Shin Ho

CEO, Microalgae Farm Inc.
Director, Microalgae Power Inc.
FRM, Certified Financial Risk Manager.
Master in Economics, Yonsei University.


Soon Kyu Youn

Ph.D in Life Science and Biotechnology of Korea University.


Jo Myun Gi

Managing Director of Tax Firm Segi Co.
Seiner manager of National Tax Department Headquarter.


Yoo Hae Jung

Lawyer, Law firm Logos.
Bachelor in Law, Seoul National University.
Master in Law, Seoul National University.
Master in Law, University of California, Berkeley.
Completed Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation(2018, HK).

photo_2019-03-14_16-07-08 (3)

Jason Kim

Vice President of Yale Academy (Malaysia).
Lee Angi-ri, Senior Director of Korea.
SY Academy of Torture.
Professor of Industrial Technology in Korea.
President of the Jason Korea Blockchain Society.

명근식 교수 (4)

Myeong Geun Sik

Dongshin University (Naju) Visiting Professor, Energy Convergence University.
Director, Hanbit Energy Policy Forum.
Technical evaluation committee of energy technology evaluation institute.
Senior Advisor, Korea Standards Association / ISO International Standard Auditor.

The Founders
Token Roadmap


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for development of OILage system.

Q2 2018

Beta Release of Publish

- Start of plant construction
- Objective study of Microalgae
- Corporate establishment

Q3 2018

Beta Release of Store

- Token Development
- Distributed Source Design
- Development of Reward System

Q4 2018

Alpha Release of Visualize

- Development of Exclusive Wallet
- Collaborate in New and Renewable Energy Industry
- Object Experiment of Microalgae

Q1 2019

Network Goes Live

- POW token Development
- Oil Experiment

Q2 2019

Beta Release of Match

- Commencement of Oil
- Development of Token Economy
- Initiation of Subsidiary Material Processing Business

Q3 2019

Alpha Release of Match

- Plant Extension
- Exchange between POW token and Legal Currency
- Improvement of Microalgae Objectives

Q4 2019

Beta Release of Model

- Market Extension of POW token
- Oil Model Diversification
- Export of Processed Subsidiary Material

Token Roadmap

Decentralized Prosumer Energy

Collaboration / Partnerships

And we’re just getting started.

KeyperX is a decentralized identity platform for transferring and storing digital ID.

JPromotion offers cryptocurrency cloud mining services on modern, high-efficiency equipment.

The Cointech is a next-generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of development.

Tokentalk is the fastest growing media for blockchain news.

The Press

The Press & Professional

What Press and Professional mentioned about Algae Oil

Recent opinions that our business model mentioned in the press and professionals

Jonathan Trent: Energy extracted from microalgae

This project Jonathan Trent is working on is to grow a group of algae that float on the ocean and feed on the city’s waste water to get new biofuels. Listen to his team’s ambitious project, OMEGA, how it’s going to develop in the future.

OriginOil Single Step Extraction™ of Oil from Algae - Timelapse

This time-lapse video begins with a batch of algae that has just gone through OriginOil’s Single-Step Extraction™ process. In less than an hour, the oil, water and biomass separate by gravity alone. Unlike conventional systems, no chemicals or heavy machinery are used

Algae Power: Turning Pond Scum into Sustainable Fuel

Algae Power features Dr. Sommerfeld’s groundbreaking work in Algae biofuels at ASU’s polytechnic campus in Mesa, Arizona. His research has the potential to turn the stuff that makes pools green into sustainable fuel for our future.

Obama endorses Algae

In a major energy policy address, Barack Obama promotes fuel from algae as a way to reduce reliance on foreign oil by 17%.

Airplane oil as a plant? ... Eco-friendly climate technology in one place!

An event was held at a glance to see the latest technologies to cope with climate change such as warming.
In addition to various new technologies, there is also an experience center where you can directly experience the seriousness of climate change.

Electricity is caused by pollution causing environmental pollution.

If there is a serious green algae in the river, the water quality gets worse and the fish in the river are dead. Domestic researchers have developed eco-friendly energy technologies that can produce electricity using green tides that cause environmental pollution

The Press
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